As an Artist Maker, part of my thinking process is to play and experiment with new materials and methods of making. This problem solving is an important aspect of my research when developing any new work. Often a concept will lead me to seek out a particular material which I then investigate further through making. Sometimes its the material or form of an object that sparks my interest and I will take the opportunity to see where it might lead.

IMmaterial is a collection of works resulting from my studio time. In themselves, the objects created may not always form the core part of my practice, but they are valuable all the same as representations of ideas and process. They serve as tangible examples of small experiments, new combinations of materials, shapes and connections. 

Alongside this sits my long-standing interest in wearables - the value we bestow on the articles we wear and what they say about us as individuals. I am interested in the way in which these objects form part of our identity, our sense of who we are and how we are viewed by others.

These two strands often combine with objects being altered and adapted so they can be worn and appreciated in their own right.

Some pieces are available for purchase. For enquiries about pricing or commissions please get in touch


Some examples to explore.....