Isla Millar’s work explores the human condition and our interaction with the world in which we live.

Her own experiences are often a catalyst for a body of work, leading her to research wider concepts which are in turn developed through making. Materials and process are integral to the meaning of the work. Whilst the concept provides a framework there is a reciprocity with making which helps inform and shape the idea.

Millar sees as much value in the creative process as the end result. Different materials are brought together using different techniques to give concepts material and form. Porcelain is a recurring element, often playing the central role in combination with diverse materials such as metal, thread, rubber and paper. Finished works are typically an installation or group of crafted objects.

Recent projects see a focus on the intersection between art and science - ‘On the Mend’ is an exploration of surgical craft through making, reflecting on one craft process through another to offer the viewer a different insight. 'Losing One's Sense of Self' is a collaboration with King's College London's IoPPN Department of Basic & Clinical Neuroscience that explores the effect of frontal lobe brain injury on an individual’s identity.

A common denominator of Millar’s work is her aim to enable people to connect with a subject, either emotionally or intellectually, to consider something they may not otherwise have thought about or to look at it in a new way.

Millar is interested in how creative practice can be applied in fields beyond art itself to prompt discussion and aid communication and understanding of complex issues. She often works collaboratively with other artists and those from other professional backgrounds.